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Put a STOP to Sadiq Khan's scaremongering, his tax on people who can least afford it and his blatant profiteering for TfL!

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We believe this expansion is a cynical “STEALTH TAX” by this Mayor to boost the City of London coffers.

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We believe residents in expanded areas will see no air improvement yet those who can least afford to pay will need to.

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This is a TAX too far - at the wrong time

When people are struggling to makes ends meet!

We have Heathrow (but) we need to Go To Work!

Stanwell Moor and Stanwell in Spelthorne like many other areas would find [no air quality improvements] from the extended ULEZ. More so, given we have arguably the one of the country’s biggest polluters but also the region’s largest employer [HEATHROW AIRPORT] in our community.

WE ARE NOT EVEN A LONDON BOROUGH, but our residents NEED TO DRIVE on the roads around the airport on a daily basis we have no alternative. – As 76,000 work there including the majority of our residents.

*In fact many Spelthorne and Hillingdon borough residents would say that Heathrow Airport should compensate us for living here, given our health issues and the pollution we suffer daily from aircraft and other airport related blight.”

We are NOT even a London Borough

Yet this could cost our residents £4,500 per year!

Outer London & Home
Counties Need Support

Currently drivers are charged £12.50 per day to drive within the zone if your vehicle doesn’t comply.

Should this go ahead that could cost residents over £4,500 per year just to go about your day or earn a living!

Mr Khan, people need their [EXISTING CARS – JUST TO MAKE ENDS MEET] and they should not be forced into selling at a large discount. – The reality is most people these days find it hard enough to afford the PETROL or DIESEL to get them to where they need to be and we do not have the luxury of CITY-CENTRE transport services.

*ULEZ charge is effectively a [A FINE] on those who work in and around London and the Home Counties – Who can’t afford a ULEZ compliant vehicle!


ULEZ Expansion is Wrong - FULL STOP!

There will be NO air improvements in the Home Counties!

Sourced Need To Know Facts

We understand air quality needs improvement but a ULEZ expansion in the outer boroughs and impacting communities further afield WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT is RECKLESS and it is WRONG.

  • Thousands will be trapped by an unaffordable £4,500 per year tax!
  • Mr Khan’s advisors have told him ULEZ on its own does NOT work!
  • The [MAJORITY] of London [voted against it] – in the consultation!
  • 60% of responses opposed
  • 70% of Outer London opposed
  • 75% of London’s visitors opposed
  • 80% of Outer London businesses opposed
  • 80% of Outer London employees opposed
  • 90% of London’s black cab drivers opposed
  • Has anyone even considered the UK economic damage if 19million Heathrow Passengers are included?

Make you own mind up by voting for common sense legislation and politics after all, – It”s OUR MONEY they Want to SPEND!

Please HELP Defeat this Appalling Legislation

Jobs and businesses will be lost, communities and High Streets affected!


I agree the Mayor must STOP his expansion plans and we say “NO” to a London-wide ULEZ: - Your details are confidential but proof of support. - You may receive emails regarding stop ULEZ campaign news. - However a Strict No Spam Policy applies.


  • Thomas Hudson


  • Carl Ashpole


  • Tony Berry


  • Paul Browning


  • Rustcutter@googlemail.com


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