Covid, Cost of Living and ULEZ

The Mayor of London is being told to scrap this yet he insists on pushing on, despite being informed by his own independent advisors that ULEZ own its own will not work.

The overwhelming majority of London voted against in in the official consultation.The majority of responses opposed it, the majority of outer London boroughs are opposed, outer London businesses are opposed, outer London employees are opposed and the majority of London visitors are opposed.

Outside of all of this Mayor Khan chooses to ignore all of this, he knows the Outer London boroughs will not benefit from this but it may well play a part in bankrupting London as businesses fail and visitors stop coming. Is this ignorance on his part or does this Mayor have a Napoleon complex?

Not matter what way you look at it, the expansion of this boundary is unacceptable as we are recovering from an unprecedented world pandemic and we are now in the middle of a cost of living crisis whereby people are choosing between heating or eating. – This is no more than a TfL STEALTH TAX!

If this continues ULEZ could become Mayor Khans Waterloo!

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